Relationship Riding

A term coined by Michelle, Relationship Riding is a simple concept. It’s a practice and a reward.  Just as it is stated:  relationship comes first and riding naturally follows. It’s the special piece that transforms a horse and rider into a harmonious partnership!

Relationship Riding offers boundless enhancement of the horse-human interaction, mounted or otherwise.  It incorporates a genuine interest in each other’s contribution, reciprocated effort and commitment, the acceptance of each other’s reality, and a mutual expectation of a satisfying shared experience.  The resulting exchanges are calm, safe, and cooperative with clear two-way communication.  This active exchange is key.  It requires asking, listening and sharing on many levels.

Just as with any relationship, the value is in mutual trust and respect.  As the human partner, we have the opportunity help our equine partners attain their physical, psychological and emotional potentials. We also have the unique opportunity to learn and benefit from their innate generosity and forgiving nature and to accept their gift of helping us to be better partners and better humans.