Our Equine Partners

Students are welcome and encouraged to ride the Downeast Dressage schoolmasters in their lessons. Even if you have your own horse you can benefit from taking lessons on these well trained horses.  You can count on them to provide correct responses to specifically applied aids, to be patient with mistakes and reward good efforts.

“Courage, wisdom born of insight and humility, empathy born of compassion and love, all can be bequeathed by a horse to his rider”  – Charles de Kunffy

Introducing the equine partners at Bagaduce View Farm… 

K R Liberle, imported Dutch Warmblood from the G Ramiro Z line, is Mr. Personality:  confident, communicative and always ready to share a good joke. “Berlie” came to Bagaduce View Farm previously trained to Prix St. George. Naturally forward, and with a beautifully cadenced trot, he’s a master at clarifying the influence of the rider’s longitudinal balance. He’ll teach you what a truly independant seat is all about!  Berlie also loves the trails and jumping. 

Caleb is our dual-citizenship ambassador: born in the US of Canadian parents, he’s a downeaster at heart. A 2004 Belgian/ Quarter Horse cross with the engagement of a warmblood, Caleb is a youngster with wonderfully rhythmic and ridable gaits. A ride with Caleb can be insightful to any progressing rider bringing a young horse along, and learning how to “train”. Caleb also loves cavaletti work, jumping and shows a special talent for versatility challenges.

Petranko is a Hanoverian (Pik Winland / Pik Bube line) and Paint / Thoroughbred cross in a big red bay package.  He has his father’s sensitivity and love for human connection.  Powerful and light at the same time, he can really teach a rider how “less is more” – just think what you want, and experience true harmony.  Named for renouned figure skater Victor Petrenko, “Trenks” is the dynamic embodiment of grace and stature. 


Docksider Dan is a Hanoverian / Canadian Hunter cross bred and born in Maine out of the Hanoverial stallion, Piermont, loved and trained by Sharon Poulin.  Initially trained as a show jumper, “Dan” also boldly dabbled in eventing as he settled in to a focused dressage career, competing successfully to 4th level. After years of being a favorite among students, Dan has elected semi-retirement.  Other than “ruling the roost” over his boisterous charge, Caleb, Dan makes occasional guest appearances for in-hand and relationship lessons.   A true gentleman, he is encouraging of every effort and understanding of the learning process; great with every student.  He’s one in a million!