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Charlene Coad Memorial Equestrian Library

“My mother, Charlene, was not only a great advocate for education, but also the driving force to engage her daughters in social and artistic interactions.  As our family moved frequently throughout my youth, at every new juncture my sisters and I were encouraged to pursue new relationships and activities.  My mother believed in applying one’s self to what one enjoys and in taking every opportunity to learn all that one can.  We lost Charlene at age 50 to breast cancer, the same year I bought my first horse. 
In keeping my mother’s spirit ever-present, we have developed a lending library to help our clients pursue their passion and education.  This is a self-funding resource, supported by both financial donations and media contributions.”
– Michelle Coad 


Please let Michelle know if you would like to add to our materials. If you’ve got media you’ve enjoyed now collecting dust, someone else may benefit from your sharing!

We are pleased to offer the following books and videos from the Charlene Coad Memorial Equestrian Library:


If I had a Horse How Different Life Would Be by Melissa Sovey-Nelson

Dressage Test Technique by Judy Harvey

The Understanding Series by Sara Mastranunzio    

  1. Mind & Behavior
  2. Basic Roundpen
  3. Control While Leading
  4. Standing Still
  5. Yielding the Feet
  6. Trailer Loading

Horse Owner’s Veterinary Handbook by James M Giffin, M.D. and Tom Gore D.V.M.

Classic Show Jumping:  The de Némethy Method.  A Complete System for Training Today’s Horses and Riders by Bertalan de Némethy

Storey’s Guide to Raising Horses.  Breeding – Care – Facilities by Heather Smith Thomas

The United States Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship.  Advanced Horsemanship.  B, HA, A Levels by Susan E. Harris

The Complete Training of Horse and Rider in the Principles of Classical Horsemanship by Alois Podhajsky

Practical Dressage Manual, Abridged Edition by Bengt Ljungquist

The Heart of Horses (A Novel) by Molly Gloss

The Classical Rider by Sylvia Loch

Dressage with Kyra by Kyra Kyrklund and Jytte Lemkow

Dressage.  A Guideline for Riders and Judges by Wolfgang M. Niggli

101 Longeing and Long Lining Exercises.  English & Western.  A Ringside Guide by Cherry Hill

Feeding and Care of the Horse.  Second Edition by Lon D. Lewis

Starting & Running Your Own Horse Business by Mary Ashby McDonald

Becoming an Effective Rider.  Developing Your Mind and Body for Balance and Unity by Cherry Hill

Complementary Therapies For Horse & Rider by Susan McBane and Caroline Davis

Vettec Hoof Care Products Step-by-Step Educational Handbook.  2008 Edition

Zen and Horses.  Lessons From a Year of Riding by Ingrid Soren

Xenophon:  The Art of Horsemanship.  Translated by M. H. Morgan Ph.D

Fun on Horseback by Margaret Cabell Self

Vaulting:  The Art of Gymnastics on the Moving Horse by Elizabeth Friedlaender

The Riding Teacher by Alois Podhajsky (forward by Sylvia Loch)

The American Horse Show Association Rule Book (1996-1997)

Horse Watching by Desmond Morris

Understanding Horse Behavior.  Your Guide to Horse Care and Management by Sue McDonnell PhD

Horse Care from A to Z.  Equus Reference Guide

Equine Massage.  A Practical Guide by Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt, R.M.T.

Dressage Insights.  Excerpts from Experts by Kathy Connelly and Marietta Whittlesey

Training Strategies for Dressage Riders, 2nd Edition by Charles de Kunffy

Beating Muscle Injuries for Horses by Jack Meagher

School Figures & Exercise Patterns.  Dynamic Riding:  Essentials for the Horse and Rider by Gina Krueger

How to be Your Own Veterinarian (Sometimes) by Ruth B. James DVM

USDF Dressage Manual

The Classical Seat.  A Guide for the Everyday Rider by Sylvia Loch

The Man Who Listens to Horses. The Story of a Real Life Horse Whisperer by Monty Roberts

Dancing With Horses by Klaus Ferdinand Hemphling



Training With Kyra Kyrklund Volume 2:  The Rider’s Seat and Balance

Klaus Balkenhol:  From Foal to Grand Prix Horse.  Part 1:  From the Foal to the Novice Horse

The 1996 Centenial Olympic Games:  The Dressage Freestyle (VHS)

Vettec Hoof Care Products. Step-by-Step Educational DVD

Back Pain Relief:  Chinese Qigong for Healing and Prevention (Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming) (VHS)

Song Dynasty Qigong:  Eight Section Brocade (Shifu Jiang Jian-ye) (VHS)

Qigong:  15 Minutes to Health (HongChao Zhang) (VHS)

Vinyasa Yoga for Regular People, Intermediate Series (Janine Agoglia)

A Matter of Trust, Volume 1: Harmonious Partnership Between Horse & Rider (Walter A. Zettl) (VHS)

Hands On With Mary Bromiley:  Muscles, Massage and Magnitism (VHS)

The Little Horse That Could:  The connemara Stallion Erin Go Bragh (VHS)

Every Time….Every Ride (Educational video on Head Injury Protection) (VHS)

Dancing With HorsesThe Art of Body Language (Klaus Ferdinand Hemphling) (VHS)

Selecting Your Dressage Horse for the Beginner to Advanced Rider (Hilda Gurney) (VHS)